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Pronouns: he, him
Birth year: 2003 // Lives in: Belgium
Level: New Face // Nationality: Belgian
Height: 174cm // Bust: 82cm + 86cm
Waist: 63cm + 73cm // Hip: 78cm + 80cm
Clothing size: Medium // Shoe size: 41 + 42
Interests Tybe: Content creation, influencing
Interests Syl: Making candles and cocktails
Social media: Instagram (Tybe: 9.7k & Syl: 1k) - Tiktok (Tybe: 87k & Syl: 7.4k)

Story: "We both have a big nose. We never struggled with it, but we do received a lot of negative comments about it. At times, it was very hard. But in the end, it shaped us to who we are today - confident about our noses and we even like to accentuate it. Next to that we are also homosexual. We were bullied in the past because we had a lot of girl friends and were more feminine. Fortunately, our family and close friends are very supportive and we have found a place in the beautiful LGBTQIA+ community."

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