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Pronouns: he, him
Birth year: 1998 // Lives in: Belgium
Level: Experienced // Nationality: Belgian
Height: 180cm // Bust: 96cm
Waist: 85cm // Hip: 94cm
Clothing size: 45 // Shoe size: 42
Hobbies: Climate activism

"I was never afraid to be who I am and I’m so privileged and thankful to have that luxury. I was always the goofy sick kiddo and I’m proud of being myself. In the summer of 2016 I survived a double subarachnoid hemorrhage, and in general, I’ve had a lot of suffering in my life due to chronic diseases. I don’t want to live beyond 50, because I’ve been suffering my entire life, and I don’t want to repeat it as time goes on and the body grows old and decays. That’s why my message to you, and to everyone who’s willing to listen is of utmost importance. I live every day like it’s my last!"

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