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Pronouns: she, her
Birth year: 1966 // Lives in: Belgium
Level: New Face // Nationality: Belgian
Height: 168cm // Bust: 94cm
Waist: 89cm // Hip: 104cm
Clothing size: 38 // Shoe size: 39
Job: Relationship, family and sex therapist
Hobbies: Hiking, running, yoga

"All ages have their charms and all generations learn from each other. I identify as a No Babe because of my age where trials in life, both private and work, both physical and mentally, make you stronger and a source of inspiration to be an example to others. I suffer from Long Covid. I lost my memory due to low oxygen levels and dysfunctioning of cardio and vascular symptoms. Still today, I am not the same anymore. The most difficult part was the lonelyness and wrong diagnosis. The nervous system is not like before and every day I am reminded of the symptoms. I myself am also always looking for that coherence and authenticity in myself that we can temporarily lose in difficult moments in life."

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