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Pronouns: she, her
Birth year: 1999 // Lives in: Belgium
Level: New Face // Ethnicity: Congolese & Belgian
Height: 172cm // Bust: 120cm
Waist: 105cm // Hip: 122cm
Clothing size: 48 // Shoe size: 41
Hobbies: Painting

"Growing up in a predominant white town as a mix kid was challenging. While discovering my identity and trying to fit in with other people I got bullied. There was a moment I realised I was different when other kids pointed this out to me. They laughed at my hair, joked about my skin color. I never had any role models growing up that looked like me. Because of this I also started not loving myself and my ethnicity. As I grew older I learned to embrace my hair, my body and my culture. The reason why I chose to model is because I want to be that role model for people that look like me. I want the media to be more inclusive and fight againts racism!"

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