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Pronouns: she, her
Birth year: 1991 // Lives in: Belgium
Level: Experienced // Nationality: Belgian
Height: 168cm // Bust: 85cm
Waist: 70cm // Hip: 95cm
Clothing size: 38 // Shoe size: 38
Hobbies: Activism, writing, dancing, styling
Characteristics: tattoos, chronically ill

Story: "I am neurodivergent, I have PTSD and I have been sexually assaulted. I have been in therapy for years, but the best therapy for me is cats, music, my openness on social media and photoshoots. I love color and I show this in my clothing, tattoos and lifestyle. When I wear color, I feel better. I have days where everything feels like shit but I try to get the best out of the good days."

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